Lose the expensive hard cover casebooks... customize your own!

For the first time ever your students will be able to buy affordable casebooks that are custom tailored for their course... by you! Start with one of our template casebooks, rearrange, select only the content you want, add your own, and edit to your liking. This is the first time ever to offer your students a casebook that aligns to your course material! And lastly, your students can respond to your casebook material with electronic and social annotations.

Select Content

Select chapters and subchapters.

After choosing your casebook template, written by one of our staple of fine authors and Co-Authors, get the editing process started by simply choosing chapters and subchapters that are the most appropriate content for your course. Get rid of 10 or so chapters that aren’t relevant and will never be used for your teachings!

Rearrange Content

Drag and drop simplicity!

Use our drag and drop features to move content around to your preference – chapters, subchapters, and even content you add! Take advantage of this perfect opportunity to create a custom casebook that follows the structure of your course.

Add Notes

Add your own notes and content.

Casebooks often do not provide context for your students, and most of the time aren’t specific to what your students need to learn properly. Input or copy and paste your owns notes and content to provide the context and exercises to support your course material.*

Insert Cases

Insert cases using our extensive library.

Not all casebooks have all the referenceable cases required for your course. No worries... ours do! Simply use our insert case feature by locating where you want it in the casebook, choose a case by searching our library of cases, then drop the case content right in to your custom book. Your new custom casebook will take a life of its own.

Edit & Publish

After editing publish to our store.

Revisions, revisions, revisions. Fine tune your custom casebook using our complete set of editing features and get ready to publish. First assign your roster of students to the casebook using their school email addresses, then publish to our store. Students will be sent a link to your course casebook or use our search feature to find it easily online!


Give your students the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Your students will have electronic access to your custom casebook online using their laptop, notebook or smartphone. They can easily browse by chapter, and when appropriate, add their own annotation and share with others in the classroom... or even other universities. Better, give law firms access to your bright students!

* Modifications to any casebook may be subject to Creative Commons license restrictions, which are required to carry the same Creative Commons license and to be freely available.