Internet Law: Cases and Materials (2018)

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Internet Law: Cases and Materials (2018)
1st Edition
Eric Goldman
Portions © Eric Goldman
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Professor Eric Goldman




July 2018 version



Portions © Eric Goldman

Follow new developments in Internet Law at my Technology & Marketing Law blog [http://blog.ericgoldman.org/] and my Twitter feed [https://twitter.com/ericgoldman].

To make sure you always are looking at the most current version, I have excluded the text of most statutes and similar rulesets from the book and linked to the statutes in the table of contents. However, Internet law is principally a statute-driven course, and there’s no substitute for actually reading the statutes!

Editing Notes:

  • Textual omissions are noted with ellipses
  • Omitted footnotes are not indicated, but all footnote numbers are original
  • In-text citations are omitted without indication (including parenthetical explanations and some parallel citations)
  • Although I have tried to preserve the original formatting (such as italics, bold and blockquotes), some formatting may have changed or been lost.
  • I included the authoring judge’s name only when I think that may be interesting.
  • I’ve made minor edits to my blog posts without indicating those changes.

To improve readability, I have aggressively stripped out case citations and parenthetical explanations (more so than in most casebooks). If you are interested in the court’s actual words or intend to quote or cite one of these opinions, I STRONGLY recommend that you pull the actual opinion and read the unedited version.

There are a few review questions sprinkled throughout the book. Answers are at the end of the book, but no fair peeking until you’ve tried your best!

People disagree whether the “I” in Internet should be capitalized. See, e.g., Katherine Connor Martin, Should You Capitalize the Word Internet?Oxford Dictionaries, Apr. 5, 2016, https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2016/04/should-you-capitalize-internet/. Like most old-timers, I firmly believe “Internet” always should be capitalized!

If you are a professor and you’re adopting this book for your course, please email me at (egoldman@gmail.com). I can share my course notes and PowerPoint deck.

If you bought a hard copy of this book: I’ve done my best to make the hard copy version of the book useful to you, but it lacks color images, clickable links, and keyword searching. Please email me (egoldman@gmail.com) your hard copy purchase receipt showing which edition you bought, and I will happily email you a PDF at no extra cost to you.

I’m grateful for the many people over the years who have provided helpful comments to improve this book, including Venkat Balasubramani, James Grimmelmann, Daphne Keller, Jeff Kosseff, and Alex Levy. I welcome your comments or corrections at egoldman@gmail.com.

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