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Professors & Educators

Author and publish your own material or customize books from the LawCarta Catalog. You can tailor the books to match your syllabus by re-arranging and hiding chapters, add supplementary commentary, audio and videos to books -creating the first “living” text books. Sharing materials with your students would take just a few clicks.

publish a book

Now is the best time to publish your new book! Create a book using a rich text editor and offer it on LawCarta either as an open source, or free for a restricted audience, or for a price you select. Any profits made through sales on LawCarta yield authors a minimum of 50% royalty. With LawCarta, you can make minor revisions or publish new editions on your own schedule, independent of larger publishing companies.

study tools for students

Learn better by utilizing editable, electronic, “living”, up to date books and a diverse array of tools to help you organize, mark and memorize information. Add notes and highlights, download an electronic copy or order a printed copy*, and these copies can include the notes you made inside a book. Prepare for tests by creating a Binder with embedded links for all relevant chapters, sections, papers and your custom notes.

interactive study tools
Rich Editor

From personal notes to papers and books — create and edit content with easy to use built-in tools. Add Audio, Video, Images, Tables and more to make your content even more informative and exciting. All changes are autosaved every few seconds so you do not have to worry about losing any information, and if you need to — you can always go a few steps back!

digital binders
Digital binders

Who doesn’t like a good binder that has all the info from different sources in one place? But aren’t they always so bulky and heavy? With LawCarta you can embed the information from your books, docs and custom notes into digital binders, and access the binders at any time. All segments of your binder are linked to the initial sources, so you can access the source in one click. Just select a part of a book or a doc and add to one of your binders.

Notes, papers, essays, articles, you name it. Create a doc using LawCarta just for yourself or share it with other users. Or maybe you would like to publish it for everybody to discover? Go for it!. We prepared a few templates to jump start your process for some of the popular doc types.
book tools
Book tools

Highlight and color code parts of your books and documents to easily return to them later. Organize different highlights in different groups (say, blue highlights — what you personally like, yellow — what you need to go back to when prepping for a test). Add your own Notes to books: you can create notes that only you can see or share your thoughts with the class or everybody who has the same book.

*Downloading and ordering a printed copy may be restricted by the book’s Author.